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What are Iowa’s laws about motorcycle accidents?

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2023 | Motorcycle Accidents |

If everyone in Iowa consistently followed traffic laws, the number of collisions that occur each year would drop significantly. Unfortunately, many people care more about convenience and expediency than they do about following the rules.

Few people are more aware of how dangerous selfish conduct on the road is than those with motorcycles. They often end up terrified or even injured when they encounter a driver who doesn’t follow the rules and puts them at risk on the road. All too often, irresponsible people in large motor vehicles cause crashes that affect motorcycle riders.

Overall, the state estimates that motorcycle riders are six times more likely than those in enclosed vehicles to be injured in a crash based on the number of miles traveled. How does the law protect those involved in such collisions?

They may have the right to compensation

Provided that the motorcycle rider was not the one who caused the crash, they can hold the driver accountable for their losses. Every driver should have insurance providing liability coverage. Motorcycle riders also carry insurance, but they will file a claim against the coverage of the driver at fault for the crash. When their losses are significant, as is common in high-speed collisions, they also have the option of filing a personal injury lawsuit. In a tragic situation where a driver kills a motorcycle rider, the surviving dependent family members could potentially benefit from a wrongful death lawsuit.

The driver may get a ticket or face charges

Someone who violates traffic statutes will often face legal consequences for their actions. Police officers can issue a citation for infractions ranging from excessive speed to failure to use a turn signal. If someone was reckless or drunk while driving, police officers might arrest them. The successful prosecution of someone for a traffic offense will likely bolster a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit against that driver. Unlike in certain other states that have helmet laws that could pass some liability back to the motorcycle rider, Iowa does not mandate that people must wear helmets or penalize those who fail to do so.

Understanding how the law protects people involved in motorcycle crashes can benefit those simply trying to stay safe on the road. Seeking legal guidance can allow an injury victim to benefit from greater clarity and support accordingly.