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3 driving tips to protect against semi-truck crashes

On Behalf of | May 15, 2023 | Truck Accidents |

The safety ideal in traffic is to avoid any type of collision and to avoid any kind of safety infraction that could lead to a citation. Such goals are not always realistic. The more miles someone travels throughout their lifetime, the greater their risk of eventually experiencing a significant crash.

The drivers who make safety their top priority will likely have an easier time minimizing their risk on the road. Making an effort to avoid any type of crash is obviously a worthwhile endeavor, but motorists may want to focus their efforts most intensely on the worst kinds of collisions possible. For example, a crash between a passenger vehicle and a semi-truck will likely lead to tragic consequences. There are a few ways for drivers to reduce their chance of being involved in a wreck with a big commercial truck.

Merge with caution

One of the most common types of semi-truck collisions involve a commercial truck rear-ending a passenger vehicle. Drivers can drastically increase their risk of such crashes if they merge too closely in front of a commercial truck. Leaving twice as much space as one usually would is advisable, as is attempting to increase speed to match or exceed the traveling speed of the semi-truck after the merge.

Stay out of blind zones

Even with extra mirrors added to the cab, a commercial driver likely cannot see all the way around their vehicle. Drivers need to remember and avoid the blind spots around a commercial trailer. Directly behind the trailer, lane to the left of the trailer and tooling to the right of the trailer are areas where the driver may not be able to see another vehicle.

Be vigilant at intersections

Many semi-truck collisions occur during a turn. Commercial vehicles make wide right turns, often forcing them into other lanes of traffic. Motorists who approach an intersection while a truck turns might put themselves at risk if they get too close to that truck.

Making safety a priority whenever in close proximity to commercial trucks can noticeably decrease someone’s risk of a wreck. With that said, not all accidents are preventable. In the event that one does occur, seeking legal guidance should usually be treated as a priority after a crash victim is medically stable.