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In a motorcycle accident, is the other party always at fault?

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2023 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Using any sort of motor vehicle transportation comes with the risk of injury or even death. However, the convenience of on-demand personal transportation outweighs the degree of risk in the minds of most people.

People learn to ignore how every trip on public roads comes with some degree of crash risk, and there are factors that increase someone’s chances of experiencing a collision or having significant consequences from a wreck. Although motorcycle riders have more training and an endorsement on their license to operate two-wheeled vehicles, they are at higher risk of suffering severe or fatal injuries than those in enclosed vehicles if a crash does occur.

If you get hurt in a crash while on your motorcycle caused by someone in a four-wheeled vehicle, are they automatically at fault for the crash?

People in larger vehicles are often to blame

There is no automatic presumption of fault in a motorcycle-car collision. However, police officers looking at the circumstances of the crash may reach the conclusion that the person in the larger vehicle is the one primarily to blame.

Often, unsafe decisions on the part of drivers, including failing to actively look for motorcycles, can lead to people getting hurt. Even if your actions did somewhat contribute to the crash, you may still have grounds to bring a claim against the driver’s insurance and possibly even to take them to court.

Don’t let bias affect your case

Asserting yourself clearly and explaining what happened leading up to the crash can be very important for a motorcyclist injured or worried they will have to replace their vehicle because of a crash. Some people do have a subconscious bias related to motorcycle riders that you will have to overcome by clearly explaining what happened before the crash and the reason why you are not at fault for the wreck.

You may also need to gather as much evidence supporting your case as you can, including photographs of the crash scene and information about witnesses in case there is a dispute about who is actually to blame for the wreck. Knowing your rights and fighting for them can be important for your financial recovery after a motorcycle collision.