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What to do after a car accident

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2022 | Car Accidents |

Many people are very unsure what to do after a car accident. As common as accidents are, this may be the first time they’ve been in a serious collision. They just don’t know how to approach the situation and they don’t want to make any mistakes.

Naturally, exactly what you do is going to depend on how serious the accident is. For example, if someone has suffered critical injuries, the first step should always be to contact the authorities and get medical assistance. In fact, many injuries are hidden or may be worse than they appear, so it’s usually good to start by seeking medical care, even if the accident seems minor.

Clear the road

If possible, it may be prudent to move the vehicle out of the traffic lanes. This can help traffic moving and it keeps people safe. Of course, in serious accidents or when there are severe injuries, this may not be possible.

Take photographs

If you can, you also want to take a moment to capture a few pictures of the scene. Photographs may include things like the other driver’s license plate, the damage to the vehicles or simply where the cars are positioned in the street. The more photos you can get, the better, as these can be used as evidence at a later date.

Gather other information

Furthermore, you want to talk to the other driver to get their name and their insurance information. It can be a good idea to take pictures or write these things down in a note on your phone. You may also want to get information from the passengers or any eyewitnesses. Beyond that, you should get the police officer’s badge number and name when they arrive at the scene so that you can get a copy of the police report.

Getting your case started

If you’ve suffered serious injuries in a car accident, what you do in the immediate aftermath can have a big impact on your case. Make sure you know exactly what steps to take to get started.